Yugu POS

Yugu will maximize your time and sales

Yugu POS Features

Cloud Based

Yugu POS is built with Android and based on cloud. Simple, fast and secured.

Tables and Table sharing

Assign customers to tables and add their dishes to the table within 1 minute. Yugu POS also allows table sharing for busy hours by your choice


No hassle to print or read the order to your customer when they pay. Just check with the dual-screen.

Split Payments

Yugu POS allows your customer to pay equally or just pay their items. All by customer choices.

Dining In/ Takeaway/ Phone Order

Except for dining in and takeaway options, Yugu POS marks phone order as well. It allows your kitchen to optimize their workflow.

Kitchen / Barista printing

Yugu POS automatically send orders to the kitchen or barista. Orders are printed and being sent by categories with notes.


Promotion? Using coupons and vouchers for orders with Yugu POS.

Multiple Languages

All Yugu products are available for English and Chinese.


Yugu POS integrates with an online dashboard, self-serve kiosk and Yugu app. We‘ve got everything you need.

Yugu Dashboard Features

Menu Management

Simply edit your menu with back-end dashboard with desktop or mobile. Slide dishes, drinks, special set and etc all available.

Membership Management

Build a strong connection with your customer and maintain their loyalty with Yugu’s membership management.

Sales Analytic

We know how important data is. Yugu has a built-in analytic function to state daily/weekly sales and popular dishes etc. Make your business decision with supported data!

Yugu Kiosk Features

Visual Menu

User-friendly interface with a visual menu in front of your customer, the margin of errors is greatly reduced. Customer place order rapidly and accurately, which means, less frustration for customers, less pressure for your staff.

Dining in/ Takeaway options

Yugu Kiosk allows your customer to select dining in or takeaway. Choose a table when ordering and the food is delivered to table when it ready.

Eftpos Integrated

Yugu Kiosk integrates with eftpos. Customer pays when order. No need to queue at the counter at all.