Yugu App

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Yugu App Features

Digital Menu

Yugu provides a multilingual digital menu with easy access to vivid images, and your customers can choose their meal fast and easy.


Yugu has a map navigation system that makes it easier for our app users to find the store.

Mobile Ordering

Users can scan the QR code to order in the restaurant and tap order on Yugu APP.

Multiple Payment Method

No needs to bring cash to the store, all customers can pay online after they ordered. Yugu accepts all major payment methods, including visa, MasterCard, Wechat and Alipay.

Unique Discount

Yugu pushes awesome and unique discount accross all New Zealand regularly for our app user

Yugu Bon+

Join our Yugu Bon+ to earn on your every spends, and just choose the way you like to spend it.

24/7 Support

Yugu operates the APP with highly qualified specialists, and we guarantee the quality of our APP.

Multiple Mobile Systems Supported

Yugu currently supports all mobile systems - Android, IOS and Windows.

App Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words

Find restaurants nearby. POS NZ.
Order food online by Yugu app. POS NZ.
Restaurant details on map. POS NZ.
Order food and multiple payment. POS NZ.
Order food and pay online. POS NZ.
Order overview.POS NZ.
Order review.POS NZ.