Built to Last

Why choose Yugu

Yugu has one APP that makes ordering easier and quicker with multifunctional features. Our APP can help the catering business to improve operational efficiency and management level, and the customers can easily order and pay online.

Easy access to your store from any location and anytime

Yugu APP has a comprehensive cloud service for all catering businesses, so you can sign in and work from anywhere. Our system has many capabilities such as retrieving the database of each branch, each dish and customizing business report for real-time management.

Easy operation but with advanced tools to enhance the sales

Yugu has the easy and best technology for your business.It is easy and fast to use it on mobile phone, tablet and free-standing self-service machine. The customers can access the digital menu and receive your current promotions and special deal. With our powering insights, you can fully know your customers better and make more profitable decisions.

Sales report POS System. POS NZ.
Order food online. POS NZ.

Grow your business with online and offline POS system

Yugu has a complete POS system that consists of cash register, online food ordering, seat reservations and receipt printer that allows integration and customization to your EFTPOS machine.

Multi-lingual services for your business

Yugu has two different languages available on our APP and our Kiosk. We’ll have more languages on your demands, our goal is to help you connect with different cultural customers and solve the language boundaries. You and your guests can easily switch language to their mother language to order fast and understand better.

Social media promotion

Yugu has different digital platforms to attract more customers to your business and engage with them. We promote all catering businesses in New Zealand to increase their sales.